Commercial, Purebred & 100% New Zealand Bucks For Sale

Remember the goat you see here today and have to think about until tomorrow, may be the goat someone else sees and buys today!

We are currently offering buck goats for sale. We have everything from market goats, quality commercial stock, registered kiko percentage, full registered pure bred kikos and kiko boer crosses. If you don't see the type of buck goat that you are looking for listed below then you can give us a call or email us. Be sure to check back often to see if we have any buck goats for sale that will make a great addition to your herd. (Returning customers and those who buy more than 2 animals receive a discount on the prices)
buck for sale
BKK Denali
PRICE: $2000 New Zealand
A young New Zealand buck like BKK Denali does not come along very often. Denali has been big since birth and has never stopped growing. He was 11.0 lbs. at birth, 27.2 lbs. at 30 days, 52.8 lbs at 90 days and 121 lbs. at 9 months old. He is big framed, long, deep and wide. Very correct conformation with strong, straight legs. He is a littermate twin of BKK Sequoia's War Paint. If you want size, parasite resistance and great growth rates, he's for you. buck for sale
BKK Sequoia's War Paint
PRICE: $1750 New Zealand
War Paint is much more than just a fancy colored New Zealand buck. He has early size, weight and top shelf genetics. His conformation will support a very large buck. Born and raised a twin he weighed 9.6 lbs at birth, 24.8 lbs. at 30 days, 49.8 lbs at 90 days and 105 lbs. at only 9 months old. He is going to be a very large buck, just like his father RDH Sequoia.
buckling for sale
BKK Sequoia's Black Thunder
PRICE: $1500 New Zealand
Black Thunder is a 9 month old NZ buck made like a buffalo. He is LINE BRED RDH Sequoia! This huge buck is out of a first time Mother who was accidently bred at only 8 months old. His weights have been off the chart, especially for such a young mother. Birth 8.8 lbs, 30 days 24.0 lbs., 90 days 47.0 lbs and 95.0 lbs at only 9 months old. His Mother raised both him and his sister who weaned at 32.0 lbs. If you want to add size and heft to your program, this is the buck for you.

Sold Bucks

buckling for sale DOB: 3-5-2017
Birth Weight: 9.0 lbs.
Sire: RDH Sequoia
Dam: LOO Xavier's Stormy (Dam's Papers )
Birthrank: Triplet
Tag #: 160
PRICE: SOLD Bowling Green, KY ($475) Purebred
buckling for sale DOB: 3-9-2017
Birth Weight: 6.8 lbs.
Sire: Hillbilly King
Dam: HSR Lover Boy's Red Rose NZ (Dam's Papers )
Birthrank: Twin
Tag #: 164
PRICE: SOLD Bowling Green, KY ($400) Purebred
buckling for sale DOB: 11-19-2017
Birth Weight: 8.0 lbs. *(51.7)
Sire: RDH Sequoia
Dam: Lola (Dam's Papers )
Birthrank: Twin
Tag #: 170
PRICE: SOLD Greensburg, KY ($375) 75% Kiko
buckling for sale DOB: 11-27-2017
Birth Weight: 12.4 lbs. *(50.2)
Sire: RDH Sequoia
Dam: TLB Nosey (Dam's Papers )
Birthrank: Twin
Tag #: 180
PRICE: SOLD Willisburg, KY ($650)Purebred
Kiko Billy Goat - Sarge WHF B65 Volunteer - "Sarge"
DOB: 2-09-2012
Birth Weight: 7.0 lbs.
Sire: GHK Rocky
Dam: TSF Zolo's R480
Birthrank: Twin
PRICE: SOLD Lineville, AL ($500)
buckling for sale DOB: 11-25-2017
Birth Weight: 6.4 lbs. *(40.0)
Sire: SPG Sundance Kid N15M0309SPG9
Dam: NNT E538 Gloria 1 (Dam's Papers)
Birthrank: Triplet
Tag #: 176
PRICE: SOLD Osgood, IN ($650) New Zealand
buck for sale DTB HILLBILLY KING (Papers)
DOB: 4-16-2015
Birth Weight: 9.8 lbs.
Sire: JDR Romeo's Prince
Dam: RCW Double T's Flashy Tiona
Birthrank: Twin
PRICE: SOLD Salvisa, KY ($750) Purebred% Kiko
buckling for sale RAMBO
3/4 Savanna - 1/4 Nubian Buck
DOB: 8-21-2014
Already over 100 lbs. His sire, Stonewall is from the England Family Ranch in South Dakota. Stonewall came from the Mincy herd that were the first Savanna imports. Agressive breeder. Friendly and easy to handle.
PRICE: SOLD LaGrange, KY ($575)
buckling for sale DOB: 3-17-2017
Birth Weight: 4.8 lbs. *(37.8)
Sire: RDH Sequoia
Dam: NNT Lexus Bear
Birthrank: Triplet
Tag #: 167
PRICE: SOLD Table Grove, IL ($1500) New Zealand
Purebred Kiko billy goat BHF'S TOP GUN
DOB: 1-24-2013
Sire: BHF Silver Back
Dam: BHF Y17
Birthrank: Twin
PRICE: SOLD Stendal, IN ($1000) Purebred
buckling for sale DOB: 2-17-2018
Birth Weight: 6.4 lbs. *(48.8)
Sire: RDH Sequoia
Dam: HSR Desert Storm Camo (Dam's Papers)
Birthrank: Twin
Tag #: 214
PRICE: SOLD Terre Haute, IN ($800) New Zealand
buckling for sale DOB: 3-22-2016
Birth Weight: 8.4 lbs.
Sire: Top Gun
Dam: Punkin Pie (Dam's Papers )
Birthrank: Triplet
PRICE: SOLD Lebanon, TN ($500) Purebred
buckling for sale DOB: 2-14-2017
Birth Weight: 7.8 lbs.
Sire: RDH Sequoia
Dam: Sophie (Dam's Papers )
Birthrank: Twin
Tag #: 125
PRICE: SOLD Campbellsville, KY ($700) New Zealand
buckling for sale DOB: 12-4-2017
Birth Weight: 9.2 lbs. *(61.0)
Sire: RDH Sequoia
Dam: JJS Smoke's Lady Fiddler (Dam's Papers )
Birthrank: Single
Tag #: 184
PRICE: SOLD West Somerset, KY ($1800) New Zealand