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News ~ Highlights and Things You Need To Know

  • 2022 Highlight: Produced first moonspotted NZ son of RDH Sequoia. Highest selling buck to date.

  • 2021 Highlight: A daughter of RDH Sequoia produced a son who finished the 2021 WV buck test 5th in REA out of 174 bucks. This great doe accomplished this as a FIRST FRESHENER!

  • 2020 Highlight: We are completely sold out of all available bucks, bucklings, does and doelings.

  • 2019 Highlight: RDH granddaughter was 2nd high selling goat at the Appalachian Kiko Invitational.

  • 2018 Highlight: RDH daughter, 9 months old, was high selling PB at the Appalachian Kiko Invitational.

  • 2017 Highlight: We exported an additional PB buck, a PB doe and a NZ doe to St. Johns, Antigua again. The government is very impressed with the goats and we may be looking to export to Jamaica and Montserrat in 2018.

  • 2016 Highlight: We exported a NZ buck and 2 PB does to St. Johns, Antigua for herd improvement of the island goats.

** Next kid crop will be starting November, 2022 **

Welcome to the home of Bohannon Kentucky Kikos. We have a beautiful 53 acre farm conveniently located in central Kentucky 22 miles off I-65 or 1 mile off the Bluegrass Parkway. We are about 45 minutes from either Louisville or Lexington, KY.

Bob and I had a very successful horse operation raising foundation quarter horses for 18 years. During that time, we had 11 World Champions with horses all over the continental USA, Canada, Mexico, England and Scotland. Our age and the economy dictated change so we decided to concentrate on a more self-sufficient way of life. We started with a garden for home canning or freezing all of our vegetables and fruits. Next we added chickens. Our 4 remaining horses could not begin to eat all the pasture and it made no sense to waste diesel keeping it mowed so we added goats next. Like many others, we did our homework and found that kiko or kiko crosses were the only smart way to go because of the parasite tolerance, good feet, fast weight gain on forage only, superior mothering abilities of the does and the jump up and go ability of the new born kids. Goat meat also worked in to our self-sufficient thinking as it's the healthiest meat you can eat and having the goats meant that we didn't have to buy meat elsewhere.

We started with 5 commercial does, all 88% to 98% kiko, and a full stock unregistered kiko billy. After the kids were weaned, they sold so fast we didn't put any in our freezer. We decided to expand our operation and bought more young does, both kiko and kiko/boar crosses.

We have market goats, quality commercial or registered seed stock, savanna crosses, purebred and New Zealand kiko goats. Our stock is very parasite tolerant seldom needing deworming with many who have not been dewormed in years. We have what you are looking for regardless of how deep or flat your wallet is. All of our goats are healthy with correct conformation, good length with very deep bodies and meaty hips. All animals are regularly eye scored for worms. We have found our stock to be very parasite tolerant. All goats are CDT vaccinated. In addition to superior genetics, we also have eye catching fancy colored animals.

Please take a look at what we are producing. If you don't see what you need, please call or email as we may have what you are looking for in the next bunch to kid. We are raising 2 groups of kids from our 43 does each year using 3 different bucks. Many of the does regularly have triplets and sometimes even quads.

Thanks for your interest in our goats. Remember the goat you see here today and have to think about until tomorrow, may be the goat someone else sees and buys today!


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